Ensemble American Palace

Who is it suitable for? People with a passion and who treat their garage like a second living room!

More than 11.5 m² of bench space! 4 storage cabinets measuring 210 cm in height, used to store small parts and tools ...
This layout features our entire furniture collection and provides superb working conditions!

  • american palace 1
  • american palace 2
  • american palace 3

Included in the package: 10x MHMG01, 1x MHMG02, 1x MHMG03, 2xMHMG04, 1 x AMMG01, 1x AMMG02, 1x AMMG03, 4xETMG01, 1xMBMG01, 3xMBMG02, 4xMBMG03, 3x ETMG02, 4x AMMG04, 1 xACMG01

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