Aménagement rangement garage

Specialist of garage and workshop storage since 2010

Pour qui ? When there is little available space but a need for organisation, this layout adapts to the smallest garages. It is the most compact layout in our range of products and also the most economical.
The 140 cm wide workbench (that is also 90 cm deep!) is very comfortable. It is an all-in-one version: 2 drawers to store tools and a bin close at hand.
The layout provides space reserved for your lighting fixtures just above the worktop. A cabinet for stocking power tools and of course a cabinet with various compartments for small accessories.
It is worth noting that this drawer cabinet is modular, dividers can be moved around to make the compartments bigger or even be removed for use as a conventional storage drawer.

Floor dimensions : 2.8m x 0.9 m
Included in the package: 2 x MHMG01, 1x AMMG01, 1xAMMG02, 1xMBMG01
Price: From 3868€ TTC

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